BioAlberti, The Organic Farm in Umbria

Surrounded by the gentle marly-calcareouses hills, an unpolluted nature, the enchanting Umbrian landscape and crossed by the Fersinone stream, BioAlberti farm was founded in 1940 when the Alberti family motivated by love for the ground, bought lands in Poggio Aquilone.

Everywhere you breathe an air of the past and the valleys’ green color together with the particular colors of the crops and the scent of the olive trees create unforgettable feelings.

A company dedicated to the constant search for the contact between ancient customs and innovative production processes aimed at enhancing the quality of an authentic product, which ensures traceability excluding the use of fertilizers and chemical pesticides. We can easily observe all these peculiarities while we walk through the fields of spelt, durum wheat Senatore Cappelli, soft wheat of ancient grains Verna and Gentilrosso, pulses, cereals and centenary olive groves. Since 1999, the company has been certified, according to the organic farming method, by the CCPB certification authority. It is recognized the quality of a product that was born from the values of the tradition that Guido and Paola have deeply maintained over the years and that today they share with their children Andrea and Benedetta, advocates of new ideas, events and innovation. Our mission is “Live well, eat well, try organic”. We take care and we protect the fertility of the earth so that from sowing to harvest, all the productionis done in the company in order to obtain high quality raw materials and to offer a wide range of organic products suitable for the health and people well-being”